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Podkarpackie Region – the gateway to Europe, the land of innovative economic development, of inexhaustible nature, fascinating culture and infinite possibilities. The modern and environmentally-friendly technologies of the Aviation Valley - a world-class cluster, of the IT companies and start-ups, and of the local pharmaceutical industry fit here harmoniously with various zones ideal for active leisure, spectacular mountain ranges, and the multicultural spirit and creativity of the local population. Brand new airport terminal and the east-west highway, border crossings linking European Union with the vast eastern markets, crossroads of other major European routes, special economic zones with their investment possibilities, and considerable human resources all contribute to convincing more and more foreign companies to base their businesses in the region. And once you are off duty? One can select from a wide range of activities, be they land, water or aerial – gliding, paragliding, sailing, skiing, hiking, trekking and mountain biking across endless cycling paths. All of this surrounded by unspoiled nature and wilderness of the Carpathian landscapes, by the Bieszczady and the Beskid Niski mountains. The natural splendor of the area is further enriched by the long-lasting and diverse heritage, architecture and art of the borderland. It is a place where peacefulness and serenity reigns, and it is best enjoyed from a bird’s eye perspective.

Podkarpackie is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. The nature of the Bieszczady and the Beskid Niski mountains creates a magical world that combines wildness and harmony. It is a world of exciting experiences, but also a place reigned by peace and serenity. More than 90 routes for hikers with a total length of over 2 800 km help explore the region and admire its beauty.

Another distinctive part of the Podkarpackie Region is the Roztocze Wschodnie. With a spa resort at Horyniec-Zdroj as its centre and surrounding landscapes it is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Podkarpackie as a whole is a place where various cultures historically met. There are numerous monuments of wooden architecture, sacred and secular, that remind us of that particular past. One can find here examples of Gothic churches, Orthodox churches, Greek Catholic churches, historic mansions and hunting palaces. Podkarpackie used to be home to many influential and great noble families. Łańcut Castle is one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in the entire country. It is famous for its well-preserved interiors and priceless collection of carriages once owned by the Potocki family.

South-eastern Poland, is not only known for its beautiful scenery and historical sites. The region is also recognized for its long-lasting links to the aviation industry (over 70 years of tradition). It is also home to some prestigious education centers for civil pilots (more than 100 years of tradition). The companies located in the region contribute up to 90% of the total Polish aviation industry production. Modern research and development centers operate here. It should come as no surprise that the world-class cluster for innovative aviation, the Aviation Valley, has its headquarters in the Podkarpackie region. Podkarpackie is a land where the latest technology harmoniously coexists with a truly wild and majestic nature.

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